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Kelmscott Park Apartments
4 Benefits of Living In a Garden-Style or Park-Style Apartment

4 Benefits of Living In a Garden-Style or Park-Style Apartment

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We take immense pride in our apartment buildings. We also know that besides the apartments themselves, it’s important to think about the environment and surroundings of those apartments. This is why at Kelmscott Park Apartments we love the idea of creating a park-style setting for our residents in Lake Forest. With beautiful gardens designed by Mariani, we have created the feeling of visiting a park right here at home.

Here are four benefits of living in a park-style setting.

Nature Relieves Stress

Science has already shown that nature has the healing power to soothe and relieve stress. We get a sense of calm by breathing in fresh air and seeing the colors of mother nature around us. By bringing this park-like setting to our residents, we make it easy to wake up to beautiful scenery or relieve stress with a walk through our gardens. 

Community Matters

When you are new to a town or area and you want to make friends, it can be hard to talk to someone in the few seconds you have on an elevator or passing them in the halls. Going outside and being in the open air makes it easier to mingle with people on the lawn or sit outside by our outdoor grilling station and make new friends. There’s nothing quite like sitting by the fire at sunset with friends.

Pets Have Room to Roam

Animals can get stressed out in close quarters or on busy city sidewalks. We all know our canine friends love the park, so having one right outside makes it that much easier to take your dog for a walk or meet other dog friends out on the lawn. When your dog is happy, so are you.

A Cooler Environment

Having greenery and grass surrounding an apartment cools the area much better than asphalt or even dirt and cement. It insulates the ground rather than heating the way asphalt does, giving you more comfort in the hot summer months. This also creates a cooler space for you and your pet to enjoy the nice weather without overheating.


Why do you love living in a park-like setting? Tell us in the comments!

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